Head Massage

Holistic Treatments

Reiki Treatment
Holistic Taster

A wonderful introduction to the benefits and feelings of well-being holistic treatments can offer. A back, neck and shoulder massage is combined with an Indian head massage leading to a reflexology finish.

55 mins £70.00


This relaxing treatment is performed on the feet which act as maps to the body as a whole. By manipulating and applying pressure to certain parts of the feet the body can be rebalanced. Many conditions can be helped by reflexology such as insomnia, migraine, menstrual pain and lots lots more.

55 mins £48.00

Reflexology Therapy
Head Massage
Indian Head Massage

An excellent massage focusing on the area most vulnerable to tension - shoulders, neck, scalp and face. By boosting positive energies it can help alleviate headaches, stress, eye strain and sinus problems.

45 mins £46.00

Ear Candles

The hollow beeswax candle is a handmade organic product containing extracts of Honey and Linen. Either treatment is particularly good for sinus problems, congestion, cold and flu symptoms. Ear candles can be combined with other treatments such as Indian Head Massage.

Hopi/Otosan Ear Candle - 45 mins £45.00

Image by Jared Rice
Atlantic Seaweed Bath

Submerge your body in a bath of organic, hand-harvested Atlantic Seaweed (fucus serratus) to remove unwanted toxins & alleviate aches & pains. Let the natural power of organic Irish seaweed deeply moisturise the skin, increase circulation & promote healing. 

60 mins - £50.00

*All our Holistic treatments are suitable for women and men. Please inform your therapist of any medical condition prior to treatment.*